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Power Flushing

Receive a complimentary quote for the MagnaCleanse system to flush your central heating system. When you hear disruptive banging and kettling sounds, experience lukewarm water, observe leaks, notice a drop in boiler pressure, or find yourself frequently adjusting the thermostat, these might indicate the presence of stubborn sludge build up in your radiators.

Why you should power flush your systems

Sludge accumulates due to corrosion within radiators, pipes, and soldered joints. This not only impacts the heating system's performance but also hampers energy efficiency, hindering heat transfer, and causing blockages in radiators and pipes. As a result, water flow is restricted, leading to increased energy bills.

To effectively address this issue, flushing the entire system with chemicals and employing specialized filters ensures the removal of even stubborn debris that may have built up over time. While filters can capture floating debris within the system, a heavily sludged heating system might still harbor corrosion in the radiator and pipework, which filters alone cannot remove. To dislodge firmly settled magnetite and rust, it's es sential to introduce a cleaner into the system, allowing it to circulate and dislodge sludge w ithin the pipework and radiators.

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Power flush/prices ex VAT

Chemical flush up to 6 radiators:


Chemical flush radiators from:

7 - 8


9 - 10


11 - 12


13 - 14


14 - 16


17 - 18


19 - 20


Terms and Conditions

  • Each individual cylinder is considered equivalent to a single radiator.
  • Every flow and return valve associated with the underfloor heating system will be counted as one radiator
  • Any valves that require replacement will be included in the overall cost.
  • The heating system and isolation valves must be operational.
  • All radiators, radiator valves, and the boiler must be free from any obstructions.

The potential long-term savings resulting from a comprehensive system flush can outweigh the initial costs. Such a flush significantly reduces the risk of boiler breakdowns. Additionally, maintaining clean water in the system enhances its efficiency, enabling radiators to generate up to 47% more heat without increased energy consumption. This results in cost savings on your energy bills.

Merely replacing the boiler won't address the issue of deeply entrenched sludge. If left unaddressed, this sludge will persist in the pipework and radiators, potentially causing damage to your new boiler from day one. In fact, it's noteworthy that 60% of new boiler breakdowns within the first year are attributed to sludge.